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Are you Eating Right?

Realities of Nutrition
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Compare your diet to the official recommendations using the nutrient content of 5000+ foods. Here is the true introduction to nutrition basics that you will read with pleasure and real understanding.
New 2016 Edition
  An easy-to-use book, written by 3 experts in the field, that has dietary recommendations along with the amounts of 23 nutrients in more than 5000 foods

It will free you from dependence
on popular sources of information—often misinformation—so you can distinguish illusion from the
realities of nutrition.
This book is a great way to understand the essential issues of science, physiology, and nutrition without having to navigate through tough jargon that bogs you down.  
  by Judi Morrill, Ph.D.,
David Stone, Ph.D.,
Suzanne Murphy, Ph.D., R.D.
by Judi Morrill,Ph.D.,
by Judi Morrill, Ph.D.  


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