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  Are You Eating Right?

Are You Eating Right?
This user friendly book helps you evaluate your diet
and is a resource for the nutriant content of food.

Worksheets help you assess your daily diet.

Excel Worksheet 1
Diet Analysis Using the Food Guide Pyramid (34.0 KB)

Excel Worksheet 2
Detailed Diet Analysis (34.0 KB)


  Are you Eating Right?
Compare your diet to the official recommendations using the nutrient contents of 5000+ foods.

Food compostion tables provide valuable information
about most foods and beverages.
Sample Tables

  by Judi Morrill, Ph.D., David Stone, Ph.D., Suzanne Murphy, Ph.D., R.D.
Are you taking vitamin supplements?
Discover if the foods you eat actually provide enough nutrients.
  ISBN: 0965795179
328 pages
Dimensions 10.9"x 8.4"x 0.8"

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