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New 2019 Edition

Science Physiology
and Nutrition for the Nonscientist

"Read this book to improve your health. If you understand what's behind health advice, you're more likely to follow it."
William McKenna, M.D.

"Awesome! People are amazed at the things I know, thanks to the book."
Terra Garcia, child development major

"DNA fingerprinting, calorie requirements, dietary advice, genetic engineering - all in an easy-to-understand book."
Janet Fedrizzi, librarian 

"Informative and in depth, but not mind boggling likr most science books."
Erik Snelgrove, Geography major

"Terrific! Practical science information for nonscientists - and scientists!"
Mary Ann Williams, Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Calif. Berkeley

"Two Thumbs up!
Nayan Patel, Business major

by Judi Morrill, Ph.D.

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