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Judi Morrill:

Fiber & Your Colon

No Excuses Veggies

A Happier Happy Meal

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Judi Morrill , Ph.D., teaches in the Dept. of Nutrition and Food Science at San Jose State University, specializing in teaching science to nonscientists. Her books include "Science, Physiology, and Nutrition for the Nonscientist", "Are You Eating Right?" , and " Realities of Nutrition" . She has worked in several research labs, including those of the National Institutes of Health and the Experimental Nutrition Division of the Agricultural Research Center. She enjoys cooking, gardening, and playing tennis.


ARe You Eating Right?
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David Stone , Ph.D., teaches nutrition courses and computer courses at San Jose State University, and writes nutrition-related software for his company, WholeGrain Software ( ). He likes to mountain-bike, rollerblade, windsurf, spend time in Sierra Nevada above 7000 feet, and row in his self- built rowboat. He also plays the banjo and fiddle, raises anise swallowtail butterflies, and designs, builds, and flies radio-controlled model gliders.

Suzanne Murphy , Ph.D., R.D., is a nutrition researcher with the Cancer Research Center at the University of Hawaii. She has served on national committees to set recommendations and guidelines for healthy diets, such as the Dietary Reference Intakes and Dietary Guidelines for Americans in this book. She is also an expert on the compilation and uses of food composition databases, and has published extensively on the dietary adequacy of both U.S. and international populations. She's an avid jogger and bicyclist. 

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