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What is Nutrition Reality?

Is it in the advertising claims for various foods?

Is it in the myriad of dietary supplements?

Is it in the diet plans for easy weight loss and glowing health?

The only way to find out is to
learn the basic principles of nutrition science, so you can be your own nutrition expert

Here is the true introduction to nutrition basics that you will read with pleasure and real understanding.
by Judi Morrill, Ph.D.


New 2019 Edition

"The topics are far ranging but the authors have brought
a fresh approach to each one...excellent information in a readable style."

Journal of the American Dietetic Association

"When the nonscience reader searches for 'realities' or fundamentals of nutrition,
this text will be the perfect will keep the reader's interest
while teaching accurate scientific principles and a balanced view of nutrition."

Journal of Nutrition Education


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ISBN: 9780965795159
328 pages
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